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Sol, that’s us by the way, has the dubious honour of being the only system in Vast Worlds with multiple inhabited worlds. That’s not to say the other systems can not support humans on many planets, but sol is the only one with the population that demands it. With nearly six billion people within the system, spread across four major planets, and with every major stellar body at least home to a few thousand, it is by far the most important location in Vast Worlds and home to every faction.

In space the system is heaving with ships, satellites and various space junk and mission control on Earth is draconian because of this. There is very little room for error in the Sol space lanes, and, with a ship jumping in-system on average every twenty minutes, being in the wrong place at the wrong time can be deadly. It is the heart of interstellar trade, with eighty percent of ships being produced in various orbital foundries, sixty percent of all trade goods are produced there and every military keeps space bourne fleets at constant readiness. Officially this is to reduce piracy, though the more cynical would say that the military is there because all the factions’ militaries are there.

Regardless, Sol fuels the human expansion, with millions emigrating from Earth to both the in-system colonies, and those around other stars. The majority of human research is still performed in system (save for biological research but that is a special case), as well as a lot of innovation and enterprise. There are of course cracks in the glittering façade, Earth is slowing becoming obscured by its own satellites for example, and political tension is as high as ever but at this point Sol is still the cradle of humanity, and will remain so for a good many years.

Author’s Comment: Sol is nearly always the centre of the plot in Vast Worlds, though not necessarily the story, as I try and avoid setting to much within the one system. In part this is because I want to show off the rest of the stars, but also because Earth is in its own curious way, mundane, even in a sci-fi setting. Also me making up worlds means it’s much harder for people to call me on the physics 😉



  1. dude, 6 billion people really isn’t all that much, it’s about as many as there are on earth now. If you want to make it sound like a huge population I’d say you should go closer to, like, 6 trillion. THAT’s alot.

  2. True, but I prefer quality over quantity 🙂

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