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Hello and welcome to Vast Distances, this is my website dedicated to the worlds behind my future book series Vast Worlds. The site is primarily here to generate some interest in the books before I can get them published,  so there will be some extensive background work and maybe a few extracts kicking around the site. For the full summary, check the about page.

Posts are mostly information on the background of Vast Worlds, and are updated weekly. Eventually they will all make their way onto static pages to save people trawling though the whole archives. Every so often there will be other more random posts, generally me musing on writing  (these can be found under ranting) and if you’re very lucky a cannon piece of fiction will go up like The Battle over Procyon.

So look around, feel free to leave a comment, ask a question, or just poke holes in my logic. I’m more than happy to reply.


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