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Well, I’m five days into running this site and I’ve finally bested that writers block that’s given me time to do all this work. I’m not sure if that’s a bad thing, or even if you care, but I’m elated and have one of the more ferocious action sequences coming up.

Some authors aren’t fans of action sequences, but personally I love them. There has been much thought as to just why I like them so much, they are actually exciting for one, and I do struggle maintaining personal interest in the long conversations, but mostly it’s because I’m lazy and five seconds in a talking scene is a sentence and in an action its a paragraph or two…

Anyway, this was an annoying one. The two characters that don’t talk, (because they’re male) everyone else is busy and accounted for and I had to force the entire thing to stop it just being one long silence. And I still preferred it when it ended. Now for some blockade running *lunatic grin*


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