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Mercury hasn’t changed much in Vast Worlds, a permanent research base orbits on the leeward side of the planet, but it is a purely scientific station funded by Radiant Industries, and mainly involved with work into solar energy.

There is actually some discussion as to what do with the damn place. It is not actually habitable without some serious effort, but merely mining it is impossible as the cost to take material off the surface is at this point greater than that on Earth, and there are enough minerals locked in the various asteroids and small moons around the Sol system to last for centuries. There are a few crazier ideas surrounding Mercury, such as attaching a giant solar sail to it and flying it away from the sun, or covering it with solar panels and powering Earth via a huge stellar laser, but none of these are taken seriously.

Random Fact: During the early 2400 Mercury is used to produce one of the End-Time fleets.

Author’s Comment: There’s little to say about Mercury, I’m not even sure it will get a mention in the books as it really is quite a dull place. Oh well, moving swiftly onwards…


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