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Luna is the shipping name used for Earth’s largest satellite in Vast Worlds, mostly as calling it, and a dozen other stellar bodies ‘The Moon’ was giving mission control a headache. Actually, its occupants have adopted the name Lunans for talking about themselves in recent years, but mostly because the alternative is Moon Men.

Much to the surprise of many of the extra-solar visitors to Earth, who grew up with the traditional image of the silvery orb, Luna actually has an atmosphere. A thin one admittedly, with completely the wrong mix for human (far too much water vapour and no where near enough oxygen) and a pressure usually reserved for the taller mountains. Never the less, there is a serviceable colony on the satellite, not to mention a few proto-seas, and quite a few corporations, such as Noble Ship Building and The Cray Group use it as a resource extraction site, and in some cases a full ships are built in the lower gravity.

Ironically, one of its biggest uses is also its biggest failing. Luna gravity is about a sixth of that of Earth and this means that for anyone living on the surface, gravity panels are a necessity to stave off all sorts low g’ illnesses. Pre-derelict, this was countered with special gav’ towers, or ‘the whirling terrors’ as they were often known. These days though, people just pay their gravity bill and get on with it which does take some of the mystique from living on a moon. Given how expensive it is to run a gravity panel 24/7 though, not all areas are panelled, and certainly places like farmland and wilderness parks are left to their own devices. There is a small industry on the satellite to develop technologies that will work regardless of the local gravity-well, and several corporations on Altair are kept running by re-designing organisms to work in Luna gravity.

The population is small by Vast Worlds levels, at about twenty five million spread across a large number of smallish settlements, and this has a rather Western bent as the colony is mostly supported by the EU and to a lesser extent The Commonwealth and Russia. Luna is actually a little off the common trade lanes, due to some of the jump drive’s eccentricities you can’t actually make a jump from Earth to Luna, but you can, say, go from Mars to Luna. This leads to it often being ignored on any actual routes as it takes roughly three days to reach, where as the other planets take between a week and a fortnight depending on the positioning.

Random Fact: Luna actually has a rather extensive museum built around the Apollo 11 landing site.

Authors Comment: It is strange, but I can rarely remember just what inspired me to create any particular setting. Luna’s different. It all stems from the wonder of looking up into the night’s sky, and seeing a small blue-green moon.


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