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Gravity panels, or grav’ panels as they are usually known are one of the more commonly used technologies in Vast Worlds, and like most of the derelict based technologies completely mysterious in their function. In effect, when a large current is passed across them, a pseudo gravitational field is projected above, and only above, the material. In addition it was also cancel out all perceived gravitational effects and the effects of acceleration. This is probably the most infuriating facet of the panels, as no one is even close to explaining how or why it works, but it at least appears that, while you are on the panel you have a constant acceleration of 1.2 G[1] towards the panel. In physical terms however, you do not exert any force on the panel, and it none on you, so both will obey classical physics in all cases, but somehow you can still walk, run or jump around on the panels and feel as if you are firmly rooted on the ground and you and the panel will act as if connected.

By this point, most people who actually use the grav’ panels eyes have glazed over, so I’ll skip straight to the practical upshot. Basically, you perceive yourself as within a constant gravity field, you aren’t, but all evidence will suggest you are accelerating towards the panel. Also, other sources of acceleration will be totally annulled[2], and this includes everything from the engines firing to weapons impact. It also means that while they are functional, all shock and shakes are imperceptible and you don’t get that star trek phenomenon where everyone’s glued to the floor except when someone shoots at you.

Random Fact: Grav’ panels inexplicably hold charge, giving them a residual gravity effect even when the power connections have been severed. This can last anywhere up to a few weeks depending on how long the panels have been being run. It can be displaced by an E.M.P.

Authors Note: The grav’ panels are one of the many technologies that hold their origins in the video game version of the Vast Worlds setting. They are still useful as they allow for some of the more bone crushing manoeuvres the ships can pull, and this gives me far more flexibility with the action sequences.

[1] Actually its more accurately 1.2142 G, but no one’s constructed anything big enough for that .014 to make any difference

[2] Up to about twenty too twenty five Gs depending on the panel.


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