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The last of the independent planets Sirius is another rather young system, though nowhere near as messy as Fomalhaut. There are a few rather dense planets in system, which leads to worlds with notably higher gravity than is comfortable. Fortunately the colonised planet of Sirius is comparatively small, with a relative gravity of about 1.4g, though with a lesser surface area than Earth.

The surface conditions are rather warm, with very little water on planet, and even in system and various ‘sun shield’ projects are planned, though not actually under construction. Like Alpha Centuri, Sirius uses a dome and sprawl method of colony design, with, unbelievably, less order than its neighbour. This is mostly due to the lower budget and slower development of the Sirius system, coupled with its position as a major trade hub which leads to rather uncontrolled immigration with people pitching up wherever they could and the infrastructure hurrying to catch up.

Sirius is probably the most multicultural independent, with strong links to the New Incans and the Chinese, and this means it has a booming space industry, with a major star port known as the Esperança[1], which is fairly unique in having a truly massive population of civilians and is officially the most populous free orbiting structure outside of Sol. At one point the Esperança did have a fighter squadron flying from it, but it was disbanded after the age of piracy and the launch bays converted to deal with cargo. As Sirius shares a similar geographic (stellargraphic?) location as Alpha Centuri it also suffered excessively from pirate raids and maintains defences, though not to the same extent as the planetary government was quick to cut costs when the crisis past.

Politically Sirius sits on one of the major routes to the New Incan territories and the A,-1 expansion region, and so commands some moderate power over those wishing to use the system as a stopgap. The only issue is that Sirius relies on these for a good chunk of its income and so can’t exert any control without harming itself, not to mention that it is quite hard to deny an area of space.

Random Fact: Sirius is one of the last planets in the core cluster to be terraformed, mostly due to the hostile nature of its star.

Authors Note: Due to its positioning Sirius tends to make a rather minor appearance in the books, though politically it becomes far more important after it becomes amalgamated into the Chinese Empire.

[1] One of the few star ports to survive the Independence War, mostly because it was taken over by civilian insurrection when the [Deleted] threatened to blow the station apart unless it surrendered.


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