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The first colony to be founded by the Chinese, Procyon the largest planet in settled space with a staggering population of over four hundred million. The planet orbits Procyon A, receiving far more light than is strictly healthy and so has a rather dusty surface, but massive comet capture methods are slowly increasing the water levels to habitable levels. It is a rather unusual terraforming strategy, based around using water vapour to shield the planet from stellar radiation, but it appears to be working, and the colonists are never short of water, with vapour making up about thirty percent of the atmosphere.

Procyon uses an arcology based infrastructure, but this was overwhelmed by the sheer number of people arriving in the initial wave of colonists. This left a huge number of scattered settlements, which are essentially green houses with buildings inside of them, dotted across the surface. These communities will then sell any surplus food produced to the main cities and use the income to power the local utilities and so contribute little to the economy, beyond the terraforming gasses they release.

Cites are huge and teaming, with the original low density arcology floor design long ago abandoned in favour of tower blocks within the towers. Public transport is stressed to say the least and many will only travel more than a half dozen floors once or twice in their lives due to it being simply infeasible to go any further. Even with these the G.D.P. of the colony is staggering due to the sheer number of people and only Procyon has a greater shipbuilding capability than the home nation back on Earth.

This makes it a massive political block, with hundreds of ships in system at any one time, and an economy that rivals Earth. Not surprisingly, many of the citizens[1] want a slice of this wealth that flows through the system, though most would be satisfied with a rise in quality of life rather than total independence. With the imminent completion of a stellar fleet [2106] to ensure the surfaces cooperation once and for all the various rebel movements are getting desperate.

Random Fact: Procyon hosts the first battle of the Independence Wars and later becomes a literal second Earth, maintaining the second highest population for centuries to come.

Authors Note: Funny, I don’t think I have any plots set around Procyon. For my characters it is unsettlingly foreran, and so they generally chose to go to places where the primary language is English.

[1] Just to say, it is a phenomenally bad idea to recruit your colonists from your dissidents.


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