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Another young system, Denebola has just reached the point where the planets have finished condensing and so the colony of Denebola is quite a hot world with a highly sulphurous atmosphere. Technically it is a little too close to its host star to be truly habitable, so the New Incans are attempting to terraform by dropping large quantities of water vapour into the atmosphere to prevent the world warming as the sulphur sun shield is reduced. Later, cloud cover and planned icecaps are going to be the primary method of temperature control[1].

These are the grand plans for Denebola, however New Inca has very little in the way of budget to actually fund a colonisation effort and it is estimated that ninety percent of the investment per colonist is spent on actually spent on getting them too the planet. Residents are therefore left to their own devices, with the cities on Denebola being mostly urban sprawl, where containers of any shape or size are stacked together, knocked through and sealed to hold atmosphere[2]. This gives the whole world a shanty town look, though many of the more affluent areas use locally produced materials to create proper buildings.

The residents of Denebola do not seem to mind the low standards of living on the colony however, partly due to a pioneering sprit, but mostly due to a sense of national pride over forging another world for the New Incan Empire. This produces a sense of camaraderie unmatched on any other world and, while conditions aren’t great, wealth is shared a surprising amount, from neighbours splitting a can of sealant, to the prosperous shipping in food when the harvests fail.

Space based industry is Spartan, but effective, with the majority owned at least in part by the government. Surprisingly the colony also boasts a space elevator, which is used very little. Many complain that the government pushed the production so much that it completed years before demand would make it economically viable, but it is a fantastic status symbol for the colony.

Politically, Denebola, along with Polux, stands as the gateway to the A,2 expansion region is a major trade hub for traffic coming from the local cluster. However quite a lot of this trade seeks out alternate routes due to the disturbingly large incident of piracy in its space and these, somehow, never seem to target New Incan convoys, but instead focus on the American and Chinese freighters. Allegations over the supposed issuing of letters of marque have never progressed due to lack of evidence and blanket denials.

Random Fact: Denebola consumes a greater percentage of its origin nation’s GDP than any other colony. This is either a demonstration of the conviction the New Incan’s have for colonising space, or a sad testament to the state of their budget. Probably the latter seeing how little is actually spent on Denebola.

Author’s Note: An interesting place Denebola, and amazingly nationalistic. But I don’t think there is any character interaction with the system until the 2800[3] setting as the system is simply so dangerous for anyone not flying New Incan colours to traverse without military escort. It also becomes the capital for one of the empires involved in the End Time Wars.

[1] This will eventually produce large rainforests and frequent tropical storms, but maximise the habitable land.

[2] The sheer extent of these places, means that downtown you may be hundreds of metres from the outside atmosphere and you can actually walk down ‘streets’ formed purely by the various buildings overlapping and forming a pressurise void.

[3] Where the idea that the colonists had a shared county of origin on Earth is near totally alien. There is still a strong sense of national pride however.


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