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Battleships are Cruiser killers pure and simple. On their hulking frame they mount a series of large, long range turrets, the majority covering the forward arcs, and these can inflict punishing damage on any vessel foolish enough to stay still. Several metres worth of armour and ablative shielding give them the ability to get into the thick of combat and stay there until they’re destroyed or the battle is lost. Their engines are usually large to allow the ship to charge the enemy line, but they are seriously underpowered in the thrust department, but they make up for this with their broad firing arcs and the ability to lay down fire anywhere on the battlefield.

In combat Battleships generally duel at long range before actually entering the battle, their long guns give them the ability to hang back a little and pick off strategic targets. This can only last for a short time though as the mêlée slowly obscures any targets of opportunity and the Battleships have to close in order to avoid friendly fire. When they do charge the landscape of the battle changes in an instant, they are massively important targets[1] and all guns will be trained on them, which is exactly what they want as the more enemies in their sights the better.

Due to their large slow tracking guns they do struggle to bring their full firepower the bear in a close mêlée and outfitters run a fine line between maximising long range fire, where the Battleship is most effective, and close range where it is the most vulnerable. Just as a note, vulnerability is relative, certainly they struggle when their targets are close and numerous, but that doesn’t mean they won’t swat most other ship classes out of the sky. They have numerous, fast tracking deck guns designed to deal with Frigates and Destroyers, hold thousands of missiles and carry a Corvette complement of nearly a hundred, some will even carry Frigates internally and it has been known for them to carry a hidden wing of Destroyers.

Battleships, due to their gun size are the first ships that can really start threatening fixed installations, like stations, surface bases or cities[2]. Having even one of these in system is either the ultimate deterrent or a declaration of war, and by the late End Time Wars the fleets would contain dozens of monstrosities. Commonly they would be one of the first to Jump into a combat zone; their armour would withstand most attacks until reinforcements could arrive and long range guns could put down fire on the enemy fleet regardless of the Jump inaccuracies. “Battleship off the prow!” is a fairly common cry in the later wars.

[1] Not merely because they are also a favourite place for commanders to hold their court,

[2] Other ships can hit them, but Battleships are the first to carry guns large enough that they’ll penetrate the atmosphere with no customisation.


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