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Monoliths are what you use when you can’t be bothered with managing a fleet as they can comfortably take on anything you throw at them. Spinal cannons for Dreadnaughts are mounted as turrets for the Monoliths, and the sheer diversity of gun types lining the sides mean that there are more than a few that have an effective range less than the length of the ship. They carry massive squadrons of Corvettes and Frigates as support vessels, not to mention being able to carry armies of millions for a land invasion, which may or may not be redundant as they could reduce the surface of a planet to glass within a half hour.

Fortunately, only three Monolith class vessels were ever built, on the other hand the collateral damage from the fire fights was enough to destroy the surface of four planets and one Monolith received so much damage that it actually crashed into the surface of a world. This was beyond mere devastation as it actually managed to punch a hole in the world’s crust when it impacted. For a world of two hundred million the survivors were measured in tens, and they were generally incredibly deep underground or evacuating while the ship went down.

Sadly, I can’t really say much about tactics as these were only used in The End Time Wars and as that’s a subject of one of the books they would be major spoilers. Suffice to say fighting these is pure suicide, and the majority of battles take place as far away from the Monolith as possible.

Next, some of the specialist roles.

The first are the Carriers. Do not mistake these for terrestrial aircraft carriers, they are actually designed to carry non-jump ships into battle. These ships can be of any size[1], but tend to be Fighter to Frigate range, with a few instances of Destroyers being used. Their advantage lies in not requiring an onboard Jump drive, and this, due to reduced peak power demands and so space saving measures, allows the carried ships or ‘Battle Riders’ to be noticeably tougher than their Jumping counterparts.

Carriers of a class are generally significantly larger than their combat brethren, mostly because they do not have to worry about being shot at and therefore target profile and armour are not serious consideration. They tend to carry only token weaponry, mostly long range and point defence, though they can be nasty if they catch you away from your support. There is a tendency for Carriers to fill other support roles in the fleet, carrying the command staff[2] for example, or repair facilities for ships other than their riders.

[1] With some practical limitations, as you can’t carry a ship larger than your own, or really expect to carry a large number of ships only slightly smaller than yours.

[2] As they have to be reasonably close to the battle to function, but not close enough to be in danger. This is perfect for your valuable officers, until they get flanked.


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