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I wrote this summary of the 2057 events about two years ago (2007), and technically it should be fairly rough. Somehow though, it’s managed to remain fairly close to my current thinking, which just goes to show how little I’ve thought about these events. Anyway 2057 is about six months before the Derelict, but well into the period of history widely known as Breaking Point.

Breaking Point was the beginning of the end for humanity. Population was at an all time high. Personal consumption varied massively between countries. Food was scarce, fossil fuels scarcer, and the heavy metals were just about exhausted. Fusion was technically functional, but no where near powerful enough to justify the expense, and the grand mining projects of the asteroid belt were twenty years away from paying off.

Whether or not the ensuing resource wars would have been the end of life as we know it is debatable. What is fairly certain though was that a war was coming, and as wouldn’t be an ideological war that could be diffused with clever words. It would be a war of survival, and everyone was motivated for their own countries best interests.

This lead to the formation of the last major blocs in the early fifties, the British Commonwealth and the African Middle-Eastern Alliance, which were basically resource protectorates, where an economically developed country would shelter a undeveloped, country in exchange for resources. For the Commonwealth this was India, Canada, Australia and Britain, and AMA, basically the continent of Africa[1]. The other factions were already in existence by this point, but came to the fore as the major powers[2] during this period.

United States

All counties can look back on a period of history and call it its darkest days and these are often said to be the USA’s. That said the United States weren’t actually in that bad a state, they are still the richest nation in the world though both China and The British Commonwealth were close and they were still one of the centres of innovation and investment. That however was just on the surface. Standards of education had dropped dramatically during the twentieth century and America was severely starved for resources being the smallest of all six empires. In addition a large amount of government control had been lost to corporate investment[3] and public opinion[4].

The ongoing resource crisis was a very large worry to America as, while their position as richest country was secure for the while, their dwindling resources and harsh import tariffs, pushed through by big business, would eventually force them out of any major discussions as their economy crumbled, and the government knew this. The US was therefore extremely concerned with expanding its territory and so preserving their way of life and was willing to use force if necessary. The mistrust of New Inca in the general populous made them the obvious target and before the Derelict arrived, it looked like that was where the war would break first.

In summary:

  • The USA was still very rich, mostly sponsoring technology and resource acquisition.
  • Their global presence was still quite powerful however international opinion of them was that an all time low.
  • Many space based companies had their headquarters in the USA and this left a residual sense of ownership in the general population.
  • The population is very religious and prone to believing what they are told by their government, this had led to problems in dealings with New Inca who many Americans believe to be heathens[5].
  • America has the largest concentration of pharmaceutical companies on the planet and its people are said to be some of the healthiest in the world, an image very much supported by the government.

[1] Countries not initially entering into the agreement were gradually absorbed over the remainder of the century, forcefully or otherwise.

[2] A few other blocs were in existence, such as the EU and Polynesia, these, while adequate to protect their interests, never had the pushing power to do much more than toe the line and so I do not include them here.

[3] Corporate investment was extremely valuable to the US in this period due to their disastrous relationships with other counties and subsequent trade boycotts. Most of the corporations in question were American home made as big business have avoided the US since the Americas war, exports because of this are at a record low but imports are sky high though for now a combination of high-tech goods and internal trade kept the USA solvent.

[4] Many people at this point were strongly religious and form many of their opinions of foreign countries biased on past propaganda. Hence there was severe animosity to the non-Christian counties such as New Inca and AMA, a historic dislike towards China and Russia and The British Commonwealth simply didn’t want to deal with them.

[5] Scarily, it had reached the point where the government started believing the propaganda.


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