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New Inca

New Inca had been building up its economy for a decade and a half and was just beginning to benefit from its copious amounts of natural resources, its low reliance on oil and vast ethanol production capabilities. That said they were still undeveloped compared to the rest of the world and had been investing heavily in their army and space based assets[1] so their standard of living was practically unchanged over the last fifteen years, though, there were the beginnings of industry being outsourced to New Inca’s new factories.

In the world stage many countries were still very sympathetic to the New Incan cause and saw it as an ally to encourage rather than a potential rival and the New Incan leaders were keen to reinforce this image. Their ongoing struggles with America had actually been rather beneficial to the nation with solidarity among the varied peoples of South America at an all time high and the government had been playing Americans as bad guys rather strongly at the time, especially with a possible invasion looming on the horizon.

In Summary:

  • New Inca had good access to resources though little way to exploit them.
  • It was the least effected by the resource crisis.
  • They had very little land to expand into.
  • There were huge tensions between the USA and new Inca, New Inca and this was only compounded by the proximity of their space elevators.[2]

The African Middle-Eastern Alliance

AMA could only loosely be described as a cohesive faction at this point, but a faction it was. It still received more aid than any other group of nations in the world and still had the lowest standards of living in the world. On the other hand it had more resources than any other faction and the infrastructure to exploit it. Interestingly enough AMA was attempting to lower its dependence on other nations[3] by forcibly ceasing foreign businesses and threatening export embargoes on scant oil reserves to eliminate debt.[4]

Despite of this AMA did not have the same kind of economic power as the Commonwealth or China though admittedly had the best ground biased military since it had not technically been out of a civil war since formation. In terms of politics the AMAn nation is ruled by a coalition of leaders who each control an individual territory[5] which haven’t changed their boundaries in decades. There is one chairman who rules based on influence and voting weight of individual rulers is based on personal influence and their territories importance. The system is reasonably stable except for the fact several different territories hate each other with a blind passion and hence having a very large territorial army is a good way of not getting blown back into the stone age, and later, gaining influence. Officially war is discouraged but it actually is simpler to let one ruler to fight another than to try and stop them using the whole faction’s resources, in the end it turns out the stronger region was more useful and efficient anyway.

In Summary:

  • AMA had access to some of the richest natural resource deposits and had the infrastructure to exploit them; on the other hand it had to defend these interests both from other nations and internal conflicts.
  • The AMAn military was second only to the USA and only in technological terms; however they, like the USA, did not have the resources to take and hold another faction.
  • Standards of living were low, as was education, but free movement between territories was allowed so they were slowly improving.
  • The Government was one of the more efficient at the territorial level though the amount of competition at the higher levels made controversial decisions impossible and the faction could be slow to react on large issues were multiple territories were required to cooperate.
  • The AMAn economy was rather fractured and underdeveloped and major corporations tended to avoid the central territories due to the continuing civil unrest though they had some major interests in South Africa and the dwindling oilfields of the Middle East.

[1] Mostly due to the threat of invasion by the US.

[2] The New Incan is located at the base of the Amazon and the US’s in Cape Kennedy and were controversial in that they were the only orbital facilities to be armed at this point. While this is disliked by the majority of counties it is generally agreed that they keep each other in check and so could not use their destructive power.

[3] Though doesn’t refuse their money.

[4] This has sparked great tension over the years, especially the rescinding of resources and during its brief life AMA has be threatened by the USA, China and Russia though none were ever willing to cooperate enough to mount a joint invasion. The USA almost invaded but then they realised they would be fighting an entire content and this one had access to both space based, and nuclear, weapons.

[5] The AMAns refused to call them States.


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