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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Okay, so many may see this as futile, but I have created a Vast Worlds forum. It occurs to me that we might not be getting many people commenting because the site is too formal, so there’s now a place just to ask random questions on any topic you want.


…and, I’m back!

Yes, exams are over, school is out, and I have until October before my homework is due. It’s time to celebrate and finally finish the Independence Wars. Anyway, here’s something I cooked up while I’m away. Our very own Serenity, the Nisus.


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She’s small compared to the Vast Worlds ships, but can be deceptively manoeuvrable. Anyway, here are her stats.

Design Name: Sparrowhawk

Class: Freighter, small

Date of Patent: May 24th 2086

Dimensions: 33.20m long, 74.34m wide, 5.03m high.

Engines: x2 Constellation Mk 4 Fusion drives.

Power Plant: Class 14 Pageant fusion reactor, civilian.

Volume: 12,400m3

Mass: 1,100 tones

Cargo Capacity: 3,150 tonnes

Max Mass: 4,300 tonnes

Jump: Yes

Re-entry: Yes

Weaponry: Twin linked Rail Cannons, civilian issue.

Range: Five Jump fuel supply, one month free flight before restock.

Notes: The Sparrowhawk design was initially intended for the transfer of goods from ground level to low orbit on mass for a low cost, however the designers, Aether, were themselves unable to compete with the Cray Group in this market and rapidly had to retrofit the specifications to allow for interstellar flight.

Unperturbed by this the Sparrowhawk design hit the production line and failed spectacularly, with only the original twenty four ever being made before the company liquidated. Later, the Sparrowhawk design was found to be well suited for aerobatics, high G manoeuvres and, when retrofitted with larger engines, it could easily outrun any other vessel, military or otherwise. Hence, it was seized upon by the less scrupulous members of society and they are generally owned by sprinting rings running supplies to black market landing sites.

Authors Notes: Ah the Sparrowhawk, the oldest of all the Vast Worlds characters and finally she has her own design. The Nisus, which is one of the dozen Sparrowhawks mentioned, is the setting for a good number of the Vast Worlds books and wins the award for surviving the longest in the continuity. She’s not the most elegant ship, and there are many fast and stronger than her, but, in good hands, she can outperform any other ship of her class, and this wins her a good number of battles purely due to the surprise factor.

Oh, and an E-cookie to anyone who can tell me where the name Nisus came from.


“No matter how fancy the machine. No matter how quick and easy to maintain. No matter how many gadgets and doodads it comes with. It’s still not going to be cheaper than paying a media studies drop out to stand behind a counter to flip burgers.”

-Quotation supposedly by the McDonalds CEO, 2089