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I know I said Monday… but I never said which Monday 😉

Anyway, as someone expressed an interest, and to prove I’m not just slacking over the last week I’ve:

  • Finished and submitted a short story The Rise of Hell
  • Written a new opening (3,500 words)
  • Edited the majority of the story plan (which, if you’re lucky will result in one or two deleted scenes going up on the website)
  • Am currently writing chapter 16 (I think now twelve with my new chapter plan) which stands at 7,500 words, and should top out at 10,000.

Soon I’ll be doing a lot of editing, which I’m not particularly looking forward too, and I really need to do another content update. Right now I’m planning on more warfare in space, but if anyone’s got any requests I’ll give them a shot.

P.S. Independence Wars (the one I’m writing now) just became the Righteous wars.



  1. We may be few and far between,
    but such posts not only make us drool,
    but will also allow us to pitch in with potentially useful, albeit useless ideas.

    I / we’d love to read more action scenes.

    Two quick questions:

    1) did you consider using the community to help you with any of this?

    2) should we assume that you entered in a deal (at least verbal) in regards to these stories?

    • 1) Well, using the community works fine for discussing some things: physics behind settings or tactics for battles, for example. But whole planets and social movements, let alone plots and characters, bring up rights issues and I’m not writing a community created setting. I love answering questions about my setting, and will gratefully listen to any criticisms and consider suggestions, but this is my universe. In all honesty I’d be surprised if I had a large enough community to generate anything meaningful anyway.

      2) The short stories (which I think you are referring too) are currently in the submission pile for a few e-zines, and with luck I’ll be hearing back soon. Only one is actually a Vast Worlds’ story, which is Battle Over Procyon, though the other two are kind of sorta’ in the universe, or at least include my alien species.

      If you were referring to the book though, then no, I don’t have a contract. And anyone you could point my way I’d be grateful for it 😀

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