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By the End Time Wars humans cover some five hundred light years in volume and I’m musing on what effect that would have on the classic question, is there life on other planets? When the answer comes back yes, and, it’s us, some find it immeasurably unsatisfying, but they are the minority because this changes the question from one of science to one of politics and politics are boring.

Humanity has been to the stars, found nothing particularly interesting, and started bickering and so, when they actually do discover an alien race its almost unimportant. They are undoubtably a scientific marvel, and bring a whole slue of political issues, but those aren’t part of the public interest post End Time and so they become funny looking humans with a weird culture.

I’m rather disappointed by this conclusion, but the Altairian reaction more than makes up for it.



  1. How will ET look like?
    I hope not humanoid — that would be both a cliche and extremely unlikely.
    Maybe something like : “Wow. That’s a hella big fish. And it has guns.” (quoting Erinys )

    Or is it better not to spoil the surprise?

    • Well, I’ve always been a fan of Erinys’ and Kerberos’ work, so when you meet my aliens it won’t just be:
      “What the hell is that?”
      It’ll also be.
      “And how is it doing that?”

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