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Well, I didn’t make 50K, in the end it was 26. But that was two different book starts.

Corporation wars was very much not working out and so I ended up taking about a fortnight out while I figured out just what I was doing… Then I wrote the beginning of Altairian Exodus, and that most definitely was working out so I picked badly at the start it seems.

Oh well, at least I might have an excuse to put up some interesting stuff as Altairian Exodus, while in the same universe as Righteous Wars, is almost five hundred years later, and so a radically different setting.

I’ve got re-read my notes on the Altairian telekinesis as well 😉

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  1. So, in spite of running dry on Corporation Wars and changing to Altairian Exodus, it seems like you managed 26k words in two weeks, i.e. you were writing at a rate of 50k words per month. Pretty impressive!

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