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Category Archives: Miscellaneous

Okay a little celebration here. I found out today that The Battle Over Procyon had been published by Ray Gun Revival. Go read and tell me what you think!

Just got Mass Effect,  brb.

Well, I didn’t make 50K, in the end it was 26. But that was two different book starts.

Corporation wars was very much not working out and so I ended up taking about a fortnight out while I figured out just what I was doing… Then I wrote the beginning of Altairian Exodus, and that most definitely was working out so I picked badly at the start it seems.

Oh well, at least I might have an excuse to put up some interesting stuff as Altairian Exodus, while in the same universe as Righteous Wars, is almost five hundred years later, and so a radically different setting.

I’ve got re-read my notes on the Altairian telekinesis as well 😉


Well, probably should have mentioned this at the first of the month, but I’m doing NaNo this year (usually I’m too busy). The target of this month’s literary outpouring is The Corporation Wars, so if all goes to plan, and I’m just on target with 10K in six days, I’ll have a half book to play with by the end of the month.