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Just a couple links into teh interwebs.

aetheron 3d – Tom Savages website. He’s the one that set up Vast Distances and is a long-suffering sounding board for many of my ideas. There’s a lot of rendering stuff on his site that I really don’t understand but looks cool.

SPIRIT THORN, by Zacharias O’Bryan, is the adventure of young Braden Swift and the alien girl Kestrelle on a wild river voyage through a parallel world. An introduction to extra dimensions, string theory and bubble universes.

A little link to the Blood Bowl league that’s crazy enough to let me play and very kindly link to me. If you feel like challenging me to a game look me up, I’m fibio on the forums.

And here’s a snazzy banner to link to me with, with this code:

<a href=""><img src=""></a>

If you want to link to me, just copy that straight into html, if you want to do a link exchange email me at vast_worlds[at]


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