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I’m not one hundred percent sure how to handle this, so I’ll give an introduction before linking to chapters, the whole story is the size of a good sized novel so I will probably trip a word limit if just dump the whole thing online at once.

Okay, background.

The Freed was written as a companion story to James Patterson’s Maximum Ride, though was written so it could stand alone if necessary. It started on a whim, with me throwing together a few personalities, giving them wings (as required by the book) and putting them into increasingly dangerous situations. How it got so long I’ll never know, but it was the story that convinced me to try writing a proper novel, and most of the leads from The Freed made it into the 2100 setting for Vast Worlds.

As with all stories there are parts of it that I love, and bits I never want to hear about again, but overall I was rather pleased with the story and could have continued for quite some time after the actual ending, though there are many reasons I ended it there. Now, I should probably get the chapters up before I start rambling.

1 Freedom to Die

2 Freedom to Live

3 Freedom to Run

4 Freedom to Fight

5 Freedom to See

6 Freedom to Fail

7 Freedom to Try

8 Freedom to Fly

9 Freedom to Rest

10 Freedom to Free part 1

11 Freedom to Free part 2

12 Freedom to End part 1

13 Freedom to End part 2


Questions from the Audience

All characters, concepts and settings not directly mentioned in the cannon and copyright 2008 to James Coughtrey. All items recognisable from the cannon are copyright James Patterson.


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