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Here you will find the various parts of the background that don’t fit into any particular area, or fit into several. Things like history, broad overviews of technology, and some of the less specific concepts will all be placed here.


  • Pre Derelict – This covers the region of history from 2025 to 2057, or more accurately the time before the arrival of the alien derelict. Within this there are various political tensions, triumphs of space exploration and formation of the major factions. It is in no way a comprehensive list, but gives some idea as to how the world has gotten into the twenty second century.

  • State of Affairs 2057 – Some background on the various power-blocs of the day.
  • Post Derelict– This covers the events after the Derelict’s arrival up until the early Independence wars, 2057-2100. This is a rather sparse piece as far as the politics goes, as it has to cover much of the colonisation effort, but also details the causes of the Independence Wars.

  • The Derelict – A brief overview of humanities first contact with life beyond the stars.


  • Sci-fi– A few of the technologies found in Vast Worlds that wouldn’t be in real life.

Combat in Vast Worlds

  • The Ship Classes – The various classes in Vast Worlds and how they are used in combat.
  • Tactics and Strategy – How battles are fought in Vast Worlds (generally).
  • The Nisus – Our heroes starship, rendered lovingly in Paint.

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