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This is the primary setting for Vast Worlds, and the one I am currently involved in writing. It is set around the Righteous Wars era of history, the first true interstellar war in the timeline, though, I assure you it isn’t the last.

The plot centres around Hawk, a down on his luck fighter pilot as, near broke, he is forced to take a job aboard The Nisus, whose crew is slightly eccentric to say the least. On the surface it looks to be a fairly boring job, but with an enigmatic captain, a kid running the interstellar drive and that guy on board who doesn’t seem to do anything, Hawk quickly finds himself in over his head, and with the drums of war beating incessantly in the background, he is drawn back into a world he fought so hard to leave.

In this section I will be providing some background specifically for the era, some character work, and maybe a few sample chapters if I ever become satisfied with the damn things.


The Sol System – A brief overview of everyone’s favorite solar system in the year 2100

The A,0 sector – A map of the A,0 sector, also known as the core.

The Core Systems – The history of the core systems of humanity, and their relative politics.

Altair – An introduction to my setting of choice and gene capital of Vast Worlds




Belters – A deleted scene that was cut because it didn’t further the plot. That doesn’t mean it isn’t action packed though.

The Battle Over Procyon – A pilot’s eye view of the first true battle of the Righteous Wars. This is canon, but not a scene from the book as the book characters are not present. (Currently down pending publication)


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