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Here you will find my non-Vast Worlds fiction, most of it is set in the Maximum Ride universe but there are a few older ones. Additional short stories can also be found on my Fan Fiction account link.

The Freed – My longest work by far, a full length novel set in the Maximum Ride universe.

Borrowed Wings – Another Story in the Maximum Ride universe, mostly done on a whim to simulate a real person going through such changes

Not Human – The sequel to Borrowed Wings, a more action driven story about someone who doesn’t notice they’ve changed.

Dawn of The Earth – Technically this story is also in the Maximum Ride universe, but this is set in a post apocalyptic world of nearly all my own creation. It was the first story where I really went into crafting a world, as well as balancing plot and characters and I’m rather proud of it.

The Boy and The Wolf – The first piece of any length I ever wrote, and is a fairly standard werewolf story, still the characters hold a special place in my heart.

Luna Woes – The sequel to The Boy and The Wolf, and it’s just extending the pack a little. It’s actually a shame I never did any more of these, oh well.

And now, some other setting that seems to want air time: Wyld at Heart


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